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Qyiik Ltd

Henry Porter CEO

Our mission is to be at the forefront of the temporary and contract recruitment industry. We strive to be an essential business partner and to develop technology solutions that help recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers succeed. This means employing our advanced technology toward continuously evolving our platform – creating more liquid, transparent and efficient ways to be connected to the most sought after talent available.

By doing so we provide access to:

– Flexible, responsive temporary staffing support to meet specific needs
– One-stop staffing source covering a wide range of skill sets, from professional to technical
– A platform where job seekers can utlize secondary skills or learn new skills
– Unlimited supply of temporary staff
– Workers who are fully assessed, screened and ready for work

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Qyiik Ltd

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2 Year Fixed Rate Loan Notes


2 Year 10% biannual
2 Year 12% at maturity

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There is no minimum raise for this offer.


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Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.
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