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RST South West Investments Limited Bonds

Min. investment



3-5 years





As with all investments there are risks. Please make sure you read the Risk Warnings

Your Capital is at Risk | No FSCS Protection | Illiquid & Hard to Price

RST South West Investments Limited

Melanie Omirou – Executive Group Managing Director and Funding Director

RST South West Investments Limited was established in April 2019 and is a wholly owned special purpose vehicle (SPV) of RST Group Holdings Limited. The company was established to raise funds through the issue of Bonds.

RST Group Holdings Limited is the group holding company controlling a number of development SPVs (Acorn Property Group). Acorn Property Group is seeking to increase its existing funding resources to enable the further expansion of its business within the South West of the country.

Acorn Property Group is an award-winning medium sized housebuilder with a proven track record of residential-led property development throughout the South of England. With nearly 25 years of experience, the group has a team of dedicated and experienced professionals with many completed large-scale, complex developments. Acorn deliver value through a combination of experience, imagination, rigorous analysis, hands on management and innovative design.

RST South West Investments Limited is seeking to raise up to £10,000,000 by issuing Bonds. The funds raised from our Bond offering will be used to further expand the Group’s development and joint venture activities across numerous purchased and future sites and reduce Acorn’s total blended interest cost on developments to maximise profitability

Key Terms


RST South West Investments Limited

Maximum Amount



3-5 Year Bonds


3 Year 7.5% p.a. Fixed Rate (Monthly)
3 Year 9% p.a. Capital Growth (At Maturity)
5 Year 8.5% p.a. Fixed Rate (Monthly)
5 Year 10% p.a. Capital Growth (At Maturity)

Minimum investment



Debenture over the assets of the company & corporate guarantee provided by RST Group Holdings Limited





Minimum raise

There is no minimum raise for this offer.


To be confirmed

Risk warning

Capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.
Investors should note that while Bluewater Capital is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, the investment opportunity described herein is not a regulated product.

Information Memorandum

You can read and download the information memorandum here. This will include all the relevant information regarding an investment in RST South West Investments Limited.

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