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TriStone Holdings Limited

Henry Berry

TriStone Holdings Limited is a UK based limited company established to act as a non-operating corporation focusing on the upstream sector in the oil and gas industry. The Company works closely with established USA oil and gas entities looking to acquire, develop and operate oil and gas fields in multiple states across the USA. The company will seek to acquire asset value through purchasing multiple leases and projects, which will include existing infrastructure and potential for further development while producing oil and gas for the purposes of generating working cash flow.

Whilst the company is in its infancy, TriStone’s core members are made up of a team of operational and development engineers, geologists and oilmen with extensive knowledge and experience in the USA upstream oil and gas industries. This team have developed and managed numerous projects throughout their professional lives in the USA and China, including growing a public traded energy company and selling it at a substantial profit. The company is the fusion of like-minded individuals seeking to explore, develop and exploit shallow oil fields with proven reserves and oil behind the pipe. The team boasts proven experience in seeking undervalued opportunities with high potential upside and minimum outlay. The team focus on off market plays with engineering reports and 3-D seismic studies to ensure the company doesn’t unnecessarily expose itself to risk.

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TriStone Holdings Limited.

Target Amount


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£0.07p per share.

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Share certificates expected to be dispatched 28 days after completion of the placing.

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